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At Uplifted Vapors we strive to help every customer find what they are looking for. Whether you are an avid vapor or a newbie, we will make sure you are getting superior product to fit your individual needs and at an astonishingly low price. Once you enter our store our courteous staff will be able to help you with product setup, e-juice flavor selection, troubleshooting, or even learning to build your own coils!

As a company we are determined to find you a product that is specific to your needs. We do not feel the need to be pushy but truly want to help people find an alternative to smoking or to continue to strive for the biggest cloud! All of our staff are avid vapers and have all successfully quit smoking with vaping. Every one of us at Uplifted has unique preferences when it comes to vaping, but all of us truly have a passion for the vaping industry.

If you are looking for an excellent vape shop, call Uplifted Vapor and Smoke Supplies, LLC in Feeding Hills, MA for more information.

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